Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cupcakes 4 U

Tonight is the Cupcake Cascade celebration in the village square. This is my favourite festival of the summer for the simple reason that...well...I love cupcakes. Om nom nom nom!! The Lady Commander of Copics and I basically starved ourselves all day, in anticipation of pigging out on the sugary cakes at the festival. My stamina points were at an all time low, but luckily I managed to roll a solid 18 on my d20, granting me just enough power to make it to the square and begin inhaling the little treats.

First thing I did was stamp The Greeting Farm’s “Birthday Anya II” onto some watercolour paper and colour her up with Distress Markers and my Hydra Brush of +88 wetness. Next I used the Unity “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Thousand Cupcake Calories” stamp and Spun Sugar Distress Ink to create the super subtle background. I then pulled out the Rock Princess cartridge and used it to die cut the sentiment.

On the inside I created the sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Sophie’s Sentiment” set and the Unity “Fabulous Girl” set. I also stamped some more cupcakes on the bottom.

The envelope was also attacked by the cupcake stamp, tying everything together and earning me +2945 sweet exp points. Yum.

This birthday card will celebrate in the following challenges:

The festival was so much fun, with bakers from all over the realm in attendance to peddle their tasty wares. I do believe that we will have to spend tomorrow in the training room to burn off all these extra calories though. Maybe I can find a spell that would accomplish the same thing....hmm....

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Woe is Tree

This morning, the Lady Commander of Copics and I set out travelling north to the perpetually snow covered land of Mount Woe. We decided to go questing there to not only escape the pressing summer heat, but also to collect some of the magical evergreen branches from the unique trees that grow on the mountain. As we neared Mount Woe though, we immediately regretted our decision to come, as the land was enwrapped in a massive blinding blizzard.

I started this card by cutting the Christmas Tree out using the Winter Frolic cartridge. I embossed the pieces with my Cuttlebug before gluing them together. The background I embossed with a snowflake folder and adhered to a kraft base. I cut the tag out using the Winter Frolic cartridge and stamped the sentiment with the My Pink Stamper “Christmas Wishes” set. This earned me +291 punny exp points. Some red thread and a button finished off the front of this card.

On the inside I stamped the sentiment and image using the Echo Park “Holly Jolly Christmas” set.

This tree will rock around the following challenges:
Desert Island Crafters Challenge #58 (used #4 - put a tag on it, #5 - put a tree on it and #10 - use a star)
ETA: Moxie Fab World Holiday Card Challenge

After having travelled the great distance to reach the mountain, it seemed a shame to leave without at least obtaining a few of the magical branches, so we donned our heavy winter gear we had brought with us, drank some stamina potions, and set out.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Friday, 26 July 2013

Fuzzy Peach Elixirs - More Than Just a Candy

Salutations. Today the Guardian of Glitter and I spent a relaxing afternoon at Natsume Farm picking peaches. These were no ordinary peaches though. Natsume Farm grows magically enhanced elixir peaches that infuse you with healing tonics, filling up not only your HP but also your MP. They are more practical when adventuring, as glass vials filled with your traditional elixir potions tend to break rather easily when jostled.

I started this bookmark by cutting the peach using the Just Because Cards cartridge and inking the pieces a little before gluing everything together. Instead of using patterned paper for the background I hunted through my VAST embossing folder stash and chose some big dots to emboss it with. I have a serious problem when it comes to buying embossing folders...I have over 70 of them! The other fruit I stamped using the Stampin’ Up “Tart and Tangy” set. Instead of using ink pads though, I coloured the stamps using Distress Markers so I could get different colours on the same image. So coloured ‘em up, gave ‘em the ‘ol huff-huff and stamped them. It worked better than I thought it would! This earned me +129 moisture exp points, which I’m not entirely sure what I will do with.

This fuzzy peach will hold a place in the following challenges:
Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger: (the minty/peachy colours inspired my bookmark)

The Lady Commander of Copics refused to join Nikki and I on our fruit picking trip, as she will have nothing to do with “juice” or “fruit products”. She will be sorry however, that she missed seeing the adorable large eyed cows, pigs and sheep at Natsume Farm.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 22 July 2013

Baby Snatching Shifter

Greetings. Thank you for stopping by the Guild Hall. Today, the Lady Commander of Copics and I were traipsing through the Victorian Velvet Underground in search of a shifter who was supposedly kidnapping babies. The creature was transforming into a bird to gain entry into people’s homes through open windows, then shifting back into its human form and stealing the children - to what end we do not know. We’ve received several ravens at the Guild Hall though, pleading us to help find the children and stop this rogue shifter. 

This was created for the Creative Card Crew “Baby or Lots of Pink or Lots of Blue” challenge that is happening now. Come play with us and you can win a $15 gift voucher to Scrapping Center! (Who couldn’t use that!)
I started this card by stamping the Unity image (I don’t know its name as it was included free with one of my orders with no packaging) and colouring it with Distress Markers. There was too much white space for my liking, so I inked the edges with Spun Sugar Distress Ink then stamped the swirly floral border using the Inkadinkado “Flower Flourishes” set. The sentiment I stamped using the My Craft Spot “New Arrival” set. A couple heart shaped pearls and some twine finished off the front of this card.

On the inside I jazzed up the pink cardstock using the Flower Flourishes set again. The sentiment came from the New Arrival set as well.

The envelope was also stamped with the Flower Flourishes set, earning me +333 triple tech exp points, in addition to making everything match.

This baby card will arrive in the following challenges:

After battling through waves of low level minions, we finally came across the lair of the shifter. The creature itself was nowhere to be seen, but the children were all there, locked in cages. The Lady Commander and I quickly freed them, bringing them to the surface to return to their homes. Although the children were rescued, that bird shifter is still out there. We’d have to do some more research and perhaps a locating spell to properly track the criminal down and stop it for good.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Sunday, 21 July 2013

An Emo Zombie Meal

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I spent the day clearing out a zombie nest in the deserted Adhesive Village. The inhabitants have long fled, or been eaten and turned into zombies and the small settlement was now infested. We didn’t expect to find any survivors, but it was dangerous to let that many zombies nest together, lest they decide to venture into some of the surrounding towns. Imagine our surprise when we came across a young girl huddled in an underground bunker. She wore black Winter Festival garb, which I found odd considering it is the middle of summer.
“Come with us, miss. We can get you out of here,” I said, extending my hand to help her up.
She looked at my outstretched arm and shook her head sadly. “No one came help me now. You’d best leave.”

I started this Christmas card by colouring the Delicious Doodles “An Emo Christmas” image using Prismacolor pencils. To earn some sparkle magic exp, I added some ice stickles to the “fluffy” parts of her dress and her hat. 
Soooo ****sparkly**** I embossed the black shimmer paper using my Cuttlebug and a snowflake folder. The sentiment I stamped using the Dylusions “Christmas Words” set. I then used the Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the snowflakes out, adding some brads in the center.

On the inside I stamped the sentiment using the Unity “Naughty is the New Nice” kit and the Echo Park “Holly Jolly Christmas” set. I then used the Unity “Warm Wishes Snowflake {vintage]” set and stamped the background, earning me +134 coverage exp points.

I used that same stamp on the envelope to make everything all matchy-match.

This emo Christmas card will sulk in the following challenges:

The Lady Commander urged me to leave the girl and move on as a zombie hoard was closing in on our position.
“You can’t stay here! Your supplies will eventually run out, and if you leave this bunker, they will kill you,” I pleaded with the girl.
“It doesn’t matter now,” she said in that same sulky tone.
“Leave her, sister. She is consumed by the eeyore sickness. We must go,” Angela hissed glancing over her shoulder at the approaching zombies. I acquiesced, leaving the sad girl to her zombie infested solitude. On the bright side, we gained a ton of experience from killing those zombies and managed to go up a few levels!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Pink Maiden

Today there was a magnificent celebration in the village square as one of the smallfolk celebrated her 16th nameday. It was a grand occasion as she was now eligible to wed. As such, suitors came from distant lands with gifts for the young maiden as her beauty was renowned throughout the realm, much to the displeasure of Princess Prina, who was now in her 19th year and still unwed. It wasn’t long before the royal guards stormed the party, no doubt sent by the princess in her jealousy of the young girl’s many suitors.

I started this card by popping an ink virgin’s cherry and stamping The Greeting Farm’s image from the “Miss Anya Lounge” set. It was the last girl from the set that I hadn’t used yet! Woot. I coloured her using Prismacolor pencils and gave her a nice sparkly hair clip. I cut the tab-y thing out using the Art Philosophy cartridge and placed the girl peeking through the flowery hole. I stamped the banner using the Lawn Fawn “Bannerific” set, adding some shading with Distress Markers and stamped the sentiment inside using the My Pink Stamper “Birthday Crazy” set. I dug into my vast black button cavern and pulled out some of the ebony gems to use on this card, earning me +141 dark magic exp points. Some metal brads and a ribbon finished off the front.

On the inside I used some pink animal print paper and stamped the sentiment using the My Creative Time “Wow! So Many Candles” set.

On the envelope I stamped a flower using the My Little Shoebox “Farmer’s Market” set and coloured it in with Distress Markers.

This card will take a peek in the following challenges:
Use It Tuesday Challenge #59: Birthdays (got to use up some black buttons from my vast collection AND inked a virgin stamp!)

As we saw the guards coming, the Guildys and I drew our weapons, prepared to defend the smallfolk from any sort of bullying the royal guards were sent to do. The four of us rode up to the entrance of the village square, weapons at the ready and magic crackling at our fingertips. The royal guards knew they were no match for our spells and superior weapons and retreated without a fight. There was sure to be retribution from Princess Prina for this. We would have to remain vigilant, and perhaps enlist some protection for the young maiden.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Shatter the Stars

Last night the Guardian of Glitter and I stumbled onto an amazing discovery. We were burning the midnight oil, as it were, up in the crafting chambers, concocting a new glitter formula that would double as a healing tonic when our experiments went awry. One of the lightbulbs on the workbench started glowing an unnatural colour, casting a blinding light before suddenly plunging us into darkness.

I started this card out by stamping the lightbulb using the Unity “Lightbulb Moment” set - once on white paper and once on patterned yellow paper, cutting out the top and gluing them together. I used the same yellow patterned paper to cut out the circle. I then used the Lawn Fawn “Summertime Charm” set and stamped the star a bunch of times on some random scraps of patterned paper I had. Wishing I had the coordinating die, I painstakingly cut out each star, gluing them to the white rectangle. I then added the glowy image from the Summertime Charm set around each star, earning me +392 light magic exp points. The sentiment was also stamped from that same set.

I left the inside sentiment free, so I could use this card for practically anything. I decorated it using the solid star image from the Summertime Charm set.

I used the same little star stamp on the envelope, making everything match.

This paper pieced creation will light it up in the following challenges:

Looking out the window, we noticed there was no light coming from the moon or stars, which had previously been glowing through the night’s darkness. When we illuminated the lightbulb once more, the stars and moon lit up as well! We had inadvertently created a device to control the lights in the night sky! We started talking excitedly thinking of all we could do with our newfound discovery when Nikki dropped the bulb. We watched in dismay as the magical device shattered on the floor. Well that was short lived.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Weeping Under the Willow

Today as I was riding Ruffles through the Green Grove Glen, in search of mini pop dot flower petals, I heard sobbing coming from off in the distance. Taking a reprise from my search, I turned Ruffles in the direction of the crying and followed the sound through the glen. I came upon a chap sitting with his back against a tree, his knees drawn up to his chest, sobbing into his pants. 

I started this card by spraying the background with Dylusions spray inks. After it was dry and I uncurled it as best as I could, I stamped the sentiment using the Dylusions “Christmas Borders” set. I used that same set to stamp the holly around the other side and coloured them in with Distress Markers. Finally, I stamped the Stampotique image and finished off the front by distressing the edges.

On the inside I stamped the sentiment using the Dylusions “Christmas Words” set and added some holly from the “Christmas Borders” set, colouring it in with Distress Markers.

I used the Dylusions “Ho Ho Holly” stencil on the envelope to make it match the card, earning me +29 coordination exp points.

This Christmas card will sulk in the following challenges:
Speedy Fox and Friends Challenge #168: Favorite Technique (using Dylusions spray inks to make a quick, easy and colourful background)
ETA: Moxie Fab World Holiday Card Challenge

I dismounted Ruffles and offered the lad some assistance, inquiring what was causing him such distress. He was barely understandable through all the sobbing. The best I could make out was that he had lost a special list of names he was supposed to deliver. I offered to help him search for the list, but he waved off my assistance, crying even louder. Not knowing what else to do, I left the poor fellow weeping in the forest. It wasn’t until I was some distance away that I noticed he was sitting beneath a weeping willow tree and chuckled.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~