Monday, 29 April 2013

Shrieking Harpies Strike

It has been about three moon cycles since the last musical performance at the village square, which, after the last debacle, doesn’t seem quite long enough. After the Wolf’s Bane concert disaster, you can image my concern when I got word that their sister band, Shrieking Harpies, was planning on playing in the village square. I wasn’t taking any chances and rounded up the whole Guild, making sure we were well armed before heading to the village square in anticipation of the worst.
This card was created for the Creative Card Crew’s “Bling” challenge that is happening now. You can win a $15 voucher from our sponsor Scrapping Center who sell a multitude of crafty items!
One of my co-workers at the horse carriage repair shop spotted this card and requested a “girl version” in pink for her niece. {QUEST ACCEPTED}! I started by colouring The Greeting Farm’s “Leslie” using Prismacolors and paper piecing her hat. Instead of colouring the button on her hat, I glued an actual button overtop and added a rhinestone to the center, earning myself +79 blingy exp points. The guitar I cut using the Rock Princess cartridge. I used Glossy Accents on the guitar and added more rhinestones and a ribbon. The shape for the sentiment was cut using the Art Philosophy cartridge. The sentiment came from The Greeting Farm’s “Creeper Crew Collection”, which incidentally is also the set the image is from. 

On the inside I embossed the one side with music notes using my Cuttlebug. I stamped the pulse lines using the Dylusions “Bordering on the Edge” set.

I stamped the pulse lines again on the envelope to make it all matchy-match and added some little music notes.

This card will be rockin’ in the following challenges:
Anyone for Anya: Recycled Week (the vellum for the wings was recycled from a “protective covering” that was on a wedding invite I received and the ribbon was recycled from a wedding favour I received...different weddings - lol)

Surprisingly the concert went well. The Shrieking Harpies played for about two hours and everyone left unharmed. The four of us were on our way back to the Guild Hall commenting on how perhaps we overreacted, when we spotted the worst. One of our barns was aflame and our house gnomes were rushing around frantically trying to control the blaze. I sprinted up the hill the rest of the way to the Guild Hall. Grabbing Olga, who was rushing to the barn with a pail of water, I demanded to know what happened. Through sobs she said once we had all departed for the village, some bandits showed up at the Guild Hall, stealing various items and setting the barn ablaze. Some of the hellhounds had been slain trying to fight them off. Shaking with anger I asked if she knew who they were. Olga choked back a sob, “They...they said they were part of a group c-c-called the Shrieking Harpies.” We had been played for fools. Lured away so the Guild Hall could be looted. Vengeance would be mine.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

A Picture Perfect Discovery

Today the Guardian of Glitter found an ancient relic in the dusty catacombs beneath the Guild Hall. We weren’t quite sure what it was for, and spent the day trying to figure out what magic made it work. We pressed one of the buttons and a bright flash of light lit up the room. When my eyes readjusted to the light after the blinding flash, I saw a small blue bird standing atop the device. “Where did that come from?” I inquired. The Guardian of Glitter shook her head, obviously as confused as I was.

I started this card by colouring the freebie Birdie Brown image using Prismacolor pencils and inking around the edges with Distress Ink. I cut the photo corners for it and the larger ones using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I chose some background paper from a pack of paper I procured from Wal-Mart last summer and have since only used one sheet from. Now I’m proudly up to two, earning myself -235 hoarder exp points and going down a level (which in this case is a good thing). The word mom I cut using the Storybook cartridge. I then embossed it and the stripped piece of paper using my Cuttlebug.

On the inside I cut some more photo corners using the Art Philosophy cartridge. The sentiment was stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Jessie’s ABCs” and “Say Cheese” sets. I stamped the camera from the “Say Cheese” set in light pink so it would be subtle enough to write a personal message overtop.

I stamped the envelope using the Dylusions “Doodle Parts” set.

This little bird will develop in the following challenges:

The small bird let out an unnaturally loud squawk and we heard a pop and the sound of glass breaking. It looked at us solemnly before spreading its wings and flying out the window. When I looked at the device upon where it had been perched, I saw the glass lens was shattered. Whatever this machine was for, we will now never know.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Some Peace & Quiet Is All I Seek

As the Lady Commander of Copics was busy entertaining some of her monster friends, I thought it may be a good time to retreat to the newly redesigned crafting chambers and perhaps catch up on some tasks I have been setting aside for too long. Just as I sat down at my new oaken desk, which still has that “new furniture” smell, I  heard a small sound behind me. Slowly turning in my chair I spotted one of the monster pals who had followed me into the crafting chambers. Despite the warm spring day, the little blue fellow was wearing a toque on his horned head. “Hi,” he said raising his arm straight up in the air in greeting. “Stay?” he asked, cocking his head to the side as my direwolf, Lycan is so fond of doing. I sighed and nodded my head as the creature plopped himself down on the floor.

I still had three panels of that pesky paper I didn’t like, having already used three here, here and here
I selected the panel from the bottom right and started by masking off the peace on earth part of the background paper and spraying the rest of the paper with some Perfect Pearls mist to make it look like it was snowing. 
Setting that aside to dry, I stamped the “Goat Monster” Stampotique image and coloured him with Prismacolors. I stamped the toque using the Dylusions “Christmas Accessories” set and coloured it with Prismas as well. I then cut the monster’s horns off so I could fit the hat on his head, earning myself +58 accessorization exp points. The little birds from the Lawn Fawn “Bannerific” set I stamped on patterned paper and cut out. Some brads and twine finished off the front of this card.

The sentiment inside came from the My Pink Stamper “Biggie Christmas Sentiments” set.

This creation will appear in the following challenges:

The blue beast had his bulbous eyes fixed on me with rapt attention while I worked. Eventually it became unnerving and I had to take him back down to the rest of his friends and the Lady Commander. I would have to speak with her about having all these monster friends of her’s running amok in the Guild Hall.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Nothing to Fawn Over, Deer

Today I was doing some power leveling in the Red Willow Glen, trying to go up a few levels as we have a difficult quest ahead of us in the next fortnight. The beetles that inhabit the glen are particularly good for this as they offer a lot of experience when slain. I had just finished off a group of three and was drinking a mana potion to refresh my magic points when I saw a fawn wandering by herself. If the beetles swarmed the poor deer, she would surely be defeated. I made my way over to her, keeping an eye out for her mother.

I made this card by cutting out the square base using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I then stamped the deer using the Unity “Deer to Me” set and paper pieced their bodies. The little heart/word bubble and the sentiment all came from that same set. The branches and shape the sentiment is stamped on, I cut from the Art Philosophy cartridge, whilst the word “mom” I cut using the Storybook cartridge.

The inside sentiment (which made me laugh so hard when I saw this set online, it prompted me to purchase it) I stamped using the Unity “Deer to Me” set again, earning me +291 consistency exp points. I subtly stamped the tree using the Unity "Naturally Yours" set in red so you can easily write a personal message over top it.

I stamped some leafy branches on the envelope using the Unity “Naturally Yours” set again.

This ‘lil deer will be fawned over in the following challenges:
Desert Islands Crafters Challenge #52 (used #1-no flowers, #2-use black or red or teal, #3-no markers, #9-make it square, not rectangular)
Unity Friends With Flair (later on this week)

I heard a branch snap behind me and whirled around, sword drawn. Emerging from the woods was the fawn’s mother. Just as I started to relax, her face twisted in horror and she let out a scream. Turning around I saw a swarm of blood beetles advancing. Luckily I had just drank that mana potion, as it allowed me to cast a shield on the scared little fawn beside me, whilst I entered into battle with the deadly coleoptera. Naturally, I prevailed, being the Guild Master and all, and was able to reunite the two deer and gain a level in the process.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Little Luck

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I were on a quest exploring Bone Folder’s Crease, a dangerous valley ripe with putrid undead. It is certaining not a locale one goes for pleasure, but we needed a flowering pumice pear plant and they were only know to grow in the Crease. As such, we armed ourselves to the teeth, as it were, and set out. We had been searching for hours, encountered numerous battles and down to our last mana potion when we spotted a curious sight. A lone pale yellow butterfly fluttered in front of us before taking off to the east. We decided to follow the creature, mindful of the tale we had just heard.

I started this card by embossing two halves of a piece of shimmery white paper, earning me +291 texturization exp points and allowing me to level up! I then scored the unembossed strip and stamped the sentiment using a Close To My Heart set. The butterflies I cut using the Art Philosophy cartridge. As a final touch I used some yellow raffia I had procured at the dollar store many moons prior.

On the inside I cut the white panel and another butterfly using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I then stamped the sentiment using the My Craft Spot “New Arrival” set.

This fluttery creation will fly into the following challenges:

The mysterious butterfly lead us straight to a small patch of grass, in the middle of which was growing the pumice pear plant we sought. Amazed at our luck, we carefully extracted what we required and after refilling our magic points with the last mana potion, used an escape spell to head back to the Guild Hall, as we definitely didn’t have enough potions to get us all the way back through Bone Folder’s Crease intact. The Lady Commander later confessed to me that she had slipped a luck stone in her satchel before we left which may have played a part in the butterfly’s appearance. No matter - quest complete.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Grab a Tissue For This Tale

Last night the Lady Commander of Copics and I were at Salty Ocean’s Stain, one of the taverns on the river’s edge, located in the Acrylic Block district. As we were enjoying a flagon of mustard seed ale, two inked up old salts were swapping stories of the mad things they’d seen while working along the great river. The one sporting a bushy beard who called himself “Tumble” told a tale of a girl he’d seen drink a beverage offered to her by one of the fae. The Lady Commander and I sucked in a breath at this and shook our heads. Every adventurer knows to never accept food or drink from a fairy. Tumble said the girl went mad, thinking she could see butterflies everywhere, chasing after them until eventually she walked right off a cliff to her death following the non-existent creatures.

This ATC was created for the Just Some Lines reminder post about the Earth Day Challenge happening now! 
I made the base for the ATC by cutting up an old tissue box I dug out of my recycle bin, earning myself +317 waste reduction exp points. I liked it because it reminded me of a sunset, which I thought would make a good backdrop for the image I chose. I used the Emo Happy Day image, colouring her with Prismacolors and cutting her out. The butterflies that come with her are waaaaaay too small to cut out by hand, so I quickly cut some using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I also used that cartridge to cut the “grass” at the bottom. I stamped the sentiment using the My Pink Stamper “Family & Friends” set.

This ATC will be entered into the following challenges:
A Gem of a Challenge #77: Going Green (recycled the tissue box)
Dream Valley Challenge #55: Things With Wings

After swapping stories with Tumble and his nameless companion and drinking a flagon too many of mustard seed ale, the Lady Commander and I took our leave and stumbled back to the Guild Hall, musing about how foolish folk could be. Accepting drink from one of the fae...honestly....

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spy Bots??

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I went to the market square to select a nice bouquet of flowers to decorate the Guild Hall, as our lady mother was coming to pay us a visit. We went to the flower stand but there was already a patron ahead of us. She had eyes as large as saucers, and looked a little overwhelmed.
“I don’t know what to choose,” she said with no inflection in her voice, which was a little unnerving.
“Roses are always nice,” the flower seller kindly suggested.
The wide-eyed woman just blinked at her, an uncomfortable silence hanging in the air.
“I don’t know what to choose,” she repeated in her robot-like voice.
My sister and I exchanged a knowing glance. Something was definitely amiss.

I started this card by making the background using Dylusions spray inks and the “Luscious Leaves” stencil. Setting that aside to dry I coloured the “Dorothy” image from The Octopode Factory using Prismacolor pencils. Using the Art Philosophy cartridge I cut out the flowers then stamped the images using the coordinating Close To My Heart set, earning myself +420 coordination exp points. The word ‘mom’ I cut using the Nifty Fifties cartridge. I finished off the front with some yellow ribbon I got from the bargain bin at Michaels ages ago. I don’t really use it, because I just don’t like it that much - lol. I think it’s the “hooks” on the sides of it. They don’t do it for me...but, alas, it was cheap, so it found its way into my hoard.

On the inside I stamped the sentiment using The Greeting Farm’s “Furever” set and added another flower.

I stamped more flowers on the envelope to make everything match.

This card will surprisingly find itself in the following challenges:
Love to Create Challenge #62: Bingo Card (used - flowers, diecuts/punches and ribbon)

“I don’t know what to choose...what to choose...choose...choose...” the woman-robot thing started stuttering and sputtering. Before I could make a move, her eyes popped out of her head, hanging by wires. Smoke swirled upwards from her empty eye sockets where I could see flashing circuits inside her head. This was definitely some sort of robot. But who built it? And to what end? This seemed like just the mysterious quest for the Crafters Guild...we haven't had a good mystery to solve in ages.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~