Friday, 30 May 2014

Keep Calm and Game On

Today we were paid a visit from the odd plumber the Lady Commander of Copics and I met a couple years ago on our vacation to the Mushroom Kingdom. Predictably, the useless princess got herself captured again by the giant lizard and the plumber thought that he had taken her to our neck of the woods. I assured him that I had spotted no such lizard roaming our lands, and invited him in to join us playing some video games, hoping it would relax him.

I started this card by stamping the Magnolia “Game On Edwin” image and colouring him with Prismacolor pencils. I decided he needed an extra life, so I stamped a little mushroom from the Lawn Fawn “Gnome Sweet Gnome” set and coloured it green, gluing it in Edwin’s hand. I then cut the card base using the Wrap It Up cartridge and the sentiment using the Robotz cartridge. 
The red buttons on the base were blobbed with Glossy Accents and the d-pad was popped up with pop dots, earning me +88 dimensional XP points.

On the inside I stamped the top sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Harold’s ABCs” set and the bottom one with a Close to My Heart set.

I then made this little gift card holder using the Wrap It Up cartridge. Before I folded and glued it, I stamped the cardstock using the numbers from the Tim Holtz “Reflections” set.

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The weird plumber was oddly good at Mario Kart and Mario Party, easily beating my sister and I. After playing a few rounds he seemed more relaxed and set out once again to find the missing princess. I'm certain that when he thinks he has finally located her, it will be revealed that she is actually in another castle. Just a hunch...

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Monster Mail Mishap

Today I went shopping in the village, taking advantage of the BOGO sale at Mikael’s Armour Emporium; a girl can never have too many pieces of coordinating armour! As I was waiting for my pieces to be wrapped, I heard some commotion from across the street. Glancing over I spotted a foursome of monster buddies arguing whilst trying to get some letters into the postbox. They were having troubles, being that they were all too short to reach the box properly. Suddenly, a gust of wind snatched up one of the letters and the orange monster squealed in horror as it sailed away. 

I started this card by stamping the Stampotique “Line Up” image, colouring it with Prismacolor pencils and then cutting all the monsters out. Setting those aside, I worked on the background. I made the sky and grass using Distress Paint, something I bought awhile ago, and never really use that much.

I then used a stencil and some silver Distress Paint to make the bubbles in the sky, which you can only see in the right light, earning me +555 shadow XP points. I stamped and paper pieced the mailbox and envelopes using the Lawn Fawn “You’ve Got Mail” set. The clouds I stamped onto patterned paper using the My Little Shoebox “Home Tweet Home” set. Last I stamped the sentiment using a Unity stamp. 

On the inside I stamped the border using the Lawn Fawn “You’ve Got Mail” set to make it look all envelopey like. The sentiment is from the My Creative Time “Wow! So Many Candles” set.

On the envelope I envelope….weeeeeeeird….lol.

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I simply had to help the adorable monster friends, so I cast a retrieve spell, calling the runaway letter to my outstretched hand. I let Mikael know I would be right back to collect my new armour and walked across the street to the panicked monsters. They sighed in relief when they saw I had retrieved their letter and I helped them insert it into the mailslot.
Thank you, lady!” the green monster said. “That our renewal for Monster Babe Magazine.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 19 May 2014

The Princess and the Paparazzi

Greetings. Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I were strolling through the village market, treating ourselves to some new inky accessories, when suddenly the square was flooded with dozens of reporters. Curious as to what the news-worthy event was, we headed in their direction. All of the newshounds were surrounding a little mouse princess who was visiting from Marigold Meadow. Her guards tried to push back the throng of paparazzi, shielding the tiny mouse princess from the flashes of cameras and questions being shouted at her.  

This card was made for the Creative Card Crew “Shabby Chic/Vintage” challenge that is happening now. Make a shabby chic or vintage project and come play along with us for your chance to win a prize from our sponsors!
GXc4BjTWW3c7_0x6r2-BmuEJ6mI2FyOsZxhUX_JvusItBlnfiQLSjSeEpA-XwG_tZutoSEM_lkWlseD7lzp07LVGRhyS39EMyIJQcEWhcb6MTjwaf5U2h9_KKrofWQ   roq8jgJFiFYxzVjkRbBHqwm0gXwTOINRe8CTJw1WqYAC8MlrzHMEiRALHLdhy4-MWsTsXD6rJE7JTfRK5M6TFe4A9_QO7eU_Rjsnre4kOBm2yIL4grrqn7bFQDlNXw
I started this card by colouring the Whiff of Joy “Reporter Henry” image using Prismacolor pencils. I inked around the edges and distressed them with my blade of +20 shabbiness. On the little tag I stamped the background with a Unity stamp making it all subtly wordy, earning myself +100 subterfuge XP points, and then stamped the sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Smitty’s ABCs” set. 

On the inside I stamped the top sentiment with the My Pink Stamper “Birthday Crazy” set and the bottom one with the Crafty Secrets “Favourite Fellas” set. I then stamped a typewriter image from the Hero Arts “My Type” set...cuz you know...old fashioned reporters...typewriters...they seemed like they should go together.

The envelope was simply stamped using a border from the Dylusions “Further Around the Edge” set.

This card will spread the news in the following challenges:

As the guards shoved the nosey reporters out of the way, the Lady Commander of Copics and I drew our weapons to keep them at bay, creating a clearing for them to hurry the princess through. As they passed, the last guard in the line turned to me.
“Thank you, my lady. The Princess Squeakla shan’t forget your act of kindness. Please come visit her at Marigold Meadow and you shall be warmly welcomed,” the guard said, bowing his head.
I bowed my head in return and watched the royal party load the tiny mouse princess into her carriage and depart the village.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Double Trouble

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I were returning to the Guild Hall after a successful morning questing in the Sequin Caves when we came upon a strange duo. The pair of girls were standing in the center of the road, their heads cocked to the side, staring at us ominously. Beside me, my direwolf Lycan growled, his hair bristling.
“Hail, mi’ ladies!” I called out. “Have you lost your way?” We were far from any town and the colourfully garbed girls seemed quite out of place on the dusty, barren road upon which we stood.
The two little ones just blinked at us, turning their heads to the other side.
“Well this is weird,” my sister whispered to me. “What should we do?”

I started this card by cutting the card base out using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I then stamped the image using the There She Goes “Amalia & Laylah” set by Megan Suarez and coloured it using Prismacolor pencils, leaving it unblended for a more sketchy look. I took the flowers that were left over from cutting the card base and sprayed them with different colours of Dylusions spray ink and added a little pearl in the center of each. I stamped the right side with a border stamp from the Dylusions “Further Around the Edge” set and the sentiment was stamped with a Unity stamp.

On the inside I used a yellow panel so you could see the colour through the holes of the flowers. The sentiment I stamped using the There She Goes “Poppy” set and a random Unity stamp.

The envelope I made using some patterned paper and was preeeeetty impressed with myself that I managed to get the word “May” on the front where you could actually see it. This earned me +284 folding XP points and allowed me to level up!

This card will bloom in the following challenges:

As the Lady Commander and I stood, contemplating the situation, the girls suddenly opened their mouths wide and a deafening shriek sounded throughout the vale, followed by cackling laughter. Then in a flash of white light, the two mysteriously disappeared. What trouble would this encounter bring in the future?

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Friday, 9 May 2014

A Doily For Every Surface

Thanks for stopping by the Guild Hall. Preparations are in full swing here, in anticipation of the arrival of our lady mother, traveling from Castle Cambric to celebrate Mother’s Day. The house gnomes tend to get uneasy when our mother visits as she has quite a commanding presence. One of the house gnomes, Myrtle, had decided to make an extreme amount of doilies to set on all the side tables around the Guild Hall. I’m not sure what possessed her to do such a thing, but I left her to it, not wanting to spoil her pleasure by telling her our mother was not fond of doilies. 

I started this card by cutting the base out using patterned paper and the Art Philosophy cartridge. The letters for "mom" were cut using the Birthday Bash cartridge. I stamped the lady, using the Unity “Queen of the Universe” itty bitty, on the inside of the card so you could see her through the little wi. The sentiment was also stamped using that same set.

On the inside above the lady I stamped the “thanks” using the There She Goes "Cinnamon" set and the rest of the sentiment with a Unity stamp (not sure where it came from as it was in a grab bag I won). This earned me +184 mysterious XP points. I don't know what stat to apply them to as there are a mystery though...

On the envelope I stamped the corners with the Inkadinkado “Decorative Corners” set as I thought it sorta tied in with the flower doilies on the paper.

This card will stand tall in the following challenges:

In the end Myrtle had made 27 doilies. I dutifully placed them around the Guild Hall as she watched with pride, sure that these frilly clumps would impress my lady mother. I suppose I could always try and donate them somewhere after this weekend….who would want 27 doilies though? Most people don’t even want one...

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 5 May 2014

The Rockin' Wisps

Tonight the Lady Commander of Copics, Guardian of Glitter and I headed into the village to attend a rock concert that was taking place. A group called The Whispering Wisps was playing and we thought we could use a night off from questing. That’s not to say that we didn’t bring any weapons...especially after what has transpired at previous concerts in the village.

This card was created for the Creative Card Crew’s music challenge that is happening now. Make a musically themed card for your chance to win a prize from our two sponsors: Marianne Design and KennyK Downloads.

Sf4215HZqIJSmgcm999E6HSNMLVg0H33Xdvd7lHw1vjqghQ3Xb7mZe33CjNDRu0lqFcihHqSmKJ7Ddc0E_my79mCwFW8bIpcqgcWzzvo35XBHxjSPaANgF5AAA             5e3qzRjXiCO3guUDs7Uq9Y8WDdEjNRGPJwZq0AapDbN0ejnmYJk19CV15X0PrrUOlXoKI6dfH6YLjbN0L0rswznW_f8Pgr5mmD4BuwphtF00BKWtNqwq4cAwQQ
I started this card by colouring the KennyK “Cabaret” image with Prismacolor pencils. I then cut out the guitar using the Rock Princess cartridge. The stars I cut using the Accent Essentials cartridge and the shape the sentiment is on was cut using the Art Philosophy cartridge. This earned me +333 triple tech XP points for using three different cartridges on one card. The sentiment I stamped using The Greeting Farm’s “Creeper Crew Collection” kit.

On the inside I created the sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Jessie’s ABCs” set and then stamped the music notes with the Crafty Secrets “Party Animals” set.

The envelope was also blasted with the little music notes, using colours that matched the front of the card to make it all matchy-match just the way I like it.

This card will jam in the following challenges:

It turns out The Whispering Wisps did not try to murder any of the townsfolk and were actually quite talented. The lead singer, Wyonna, wooed the male attendees with her tight leather outfit and sultry voice, but that was as dangerous as the night got. After the concert was over, the three of us headed back to the Guild Hall singing Whispering Wisps songs along the way. That’s when we were attacked by brigands...there can never just be a quiet night. *siiiiiigh*

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pretty Poison

Salutations. Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I decided to head to the village and see if we could find a gift for our lady mother as Mother’s Day was quickly approaching. On one of the corners, at the edge of a questionable alleyway, stood a small chap in a dapper looking outfit selling flowers. The flowers were sad looking, being that it was only the first week of May, but I felt compelled to purchase one nonetheless. As we turned away from the boy and started towards another stall, the Lady Commander suddenly slapped the flower from my hand.
“What was that for!?” I exclaimed.
“Poison,” she stated, turning to look for the boy who was already dashing down the alleyway, holding onto his little hat as he ran.

I started this card by stamping The Greeting Farm’s “Hello Ian” image onto watercolour paper. I then watercoloured him using Distress Markers. In the background I stamped a plaid type image using a Unity Stamp, spraying the ink with water first to make it….um...blobby? I cut the letters out using the Birthday Bash cartridge and then added some twine and buttons for +88 embellishment XP points.

The inside I stamped using the Inkadinkado “Thoughts for the Day” set. I then coloured the flowers with Distress Inks and my Hydrabrush of +90 wetness.

I stamped a flower on the envelope using the My Little Shoebox “Farmer’s Market” set and coloured it with Distress Markers.

This card has picked the following challenges to enter:

I carefully retrieved the flower from the ground, wrapping it in a handkerchief, to take back to the Guild Hall to study the poisonous properties. I’m thankful my sister was able to detect the poisoned flower before any harm befell me. I wondered now how many other of these flowers the mysterious boy had sold, and to what end.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Spring Snowfall Warning

Today the temperatures outside have plummeted and it looks as though some snow may be on the horizon for the realm. I found myself in the crafting chambers with a cozy fire burning in the hearth to stave off the chill, and couldn’t resist sketching some blueprints for a snowman should we get enough of the white stuff to construct one. 

I started this card by stamping the snowman image using the Tim Holtz “Christmas Blueprint” set and colouring him with Distress Markers. I then ran a gluestick over the entire image and glued a used dryer sheet overtop.

I tried to add some glitter (hoping it would stick to the gluestick glue), but only a few flecks actually stayed stuck; most of it just fell off. On the main panel, I stamped the sentiment with the Tim Holtz “Christmas Memories” set and embossed it with a pearly white embossing powder. It didn’t make it as white as I wanted it, but it still looks okay. 

On the inside I stamped the sentiment using the My Pink Stamper “Biggie Christmas Sentiments” set and added the bell that was from a cheap Recollections brand set.

The envelope was stamped with some snowflake flourishes using another Recollections brand set.

This card will freshen up and make the following challenges less staticy:

After my sketch was complete, I wandered down to the kitchens to make myself some tea and hope that spring would finally come and maybe stay for a month or two.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~