Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hi, Spring Friends

As the last of the snow seems to have finally melted away, the tiny spring garden fairies are now buzzing around the Guild Hall grounds urging the flowers to grow. Our small ladybug friends also seem to be making their way back to the realm. Upon my return to the Guild Hall this afternoon after a fretful morning questing in the Illium Mines, one of the small spring fairies offered me a thimbleful of nectar juice she had collected from the freshly blooming garden.  

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines April challenge which is happening now. Our theme this month is “Think Spring”. This is your final week to come play along using a JSL image for your chance to win!

I started this card by colouring the Just Some Lines “Fairy Hello Friend” image using Prismacolour pencils and inking around the edges with Distress Ink. The sentiment was stamped with a Unity stamp (I’m not sure the name or kit it’s from as it was in a grab bag I won). 

On the inside I stamped the sentiment and image using the Unity “Little Bugs” kit.

That same ladybug crawled onto the envelope as well, earning myself +222 nature XP point, leveling up my earth based magic.

This card will flutter into the following challenges:

I didn’t want to seem rude, so I accepted the drink, but as soon as her back was turned, poured the liquid on the ground. One can never be too careful when it comes to the fae...spring garden fairies or not.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Friday, 25 April 2014

A Crappy Situation

Salutations. Today there was a slight mishap in the privy and I had to call a plumber in from the village to assist us as none of the spells seemed to be working. Oddly, this disgusting turn of events inspired me to create and I rushed to the crafting chambers to do so, taking care not to drink any liquids until the bathroom situation was remedied. 

I started this card by stamping and colouring the toilet paper roll using the Unity “Crappy Day” itty bitty. I then cut the background shape out using the Nifty Fifties cartridge and ran it through the Cuttlebug for some texture.
Let's open 'er up...

On the sides I embossed the panels using a Tim Holtz folder and inked around the edges. 
On the inside I stamped the sentiment with the same Unity itty bitty using Distress Markers instead of an ink pad to get some different colours. I then distressed the edges of the panel and added some brads.  

I made a little envelope to go with it and stamped some cute hearts. 

This little card will roll into the following challenges:

The man from the village did an excellent job and only charged five gold coins. I thanked him for the swiftness of his work and sent him on his way with a little care package from the house gnomes in the kitchens. Crisis averted.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Chalk It Up To The Accident

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I were cleaning up after the frosty incident that transpired whilst we were creating spells when I noticed a strange sight. On the blackboard near the workbench there was a sketch of a snowman that had not been there before. I asked my sister if she had drawn the doodle and she said she hadn’t. I went to the blackboard and was about the erase the mysterious drawing when the snowperson suddenly moved and started shaking his head, a look of horror upon his frosty face.

I started this card by cutting out the black shape using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I then stamped the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Sending Winter Hugs” image and heat embossed it using white embossing powder, earning myself +50 embossing XP points. I tried using a dryer sheet to “de-static” the paper, but quite a bit of the powder still stuck to the black cardstock and is visible depending on the angle you look at the card. I’m not sure if there is a better way to do this, as I’m quite new to heat embossing. Moving along...the sentiment I stamped using the Unity “Happy Holiday Wishes” itty bitty. I used the Archival Jet Black ink, but it looks rather navy after I stamped it on the paper which was rather disappointing. Siiiiigh…. Some twine and little black snowflakes finished off this card.

The inside I stamped using the Hero Arts “Christmas Reindeer” set. 

The envelope was also stamped using snowflakes from the Christmas Reindeer set.

This snowman will chill in the following challenges before he is erased:

It seems as though this chalk drawing somehow had been given life. Perhaps it occurred during the spell creation accident. At any rate, I couldn’t just erase him away...instead I set about drawing him some nice trees and a pretty snowlady to be friends with.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

An Accidental Artifical Snowstorm

Greetings traveller. Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I took to the crafting chambers to work on some new spells using the frostling roots we had collected whilst travelling in the north. We were hoping to create some ice based attack spells and began our experiments at once. It wasn’t long before the crafting chamber was covered in snow and, after a particularly poor miscalculation, a snowman had arisen from the stuff. 

I started this ATC by colouring the Dilly Beans “Holly Heart Snowman” image using Prismacolor pencils. I then used an old Christmas card I rescued from the trash to make the backing.
Back in January I had penned a scroll to all my workmates at the horse and carriage shop requesting any greeting cards that they were going to throw in the rubbish, as I knew I would be able to find a new purpose for them. Last I used a snowflake punch to create the edge and then glued the “garbage” snowflakes that had punched out to the ATC.
Oooo...glittery :)
This festive ATC will be entered into the following challenges:
The snowman looked curiously about, surely wondering what he was doing inside a dwelling.
“Ummm...sorry about that,” my sister called to the snowperson.
He opened his mouth in reply, but before he could get a word out, the Lady Commander, in her haste to correct her error, had already spoken the words to make him disappear. I suppose we shall never know what he was going to say…

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Sinking Situation

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I travelled to the forbidden isle of Hroshi, in search of four mysterious treasures that were said to be hidden there by the long lost ranger, Yason. Things were going well at first; we had already located two of the four treasures, easily dispensing of the low level vermin that plagued the island, when suddenly the island started to flood. Then, just as rapidly, parts of it started to sink! We were in a field of pink flowers that were as tall as us, wondering which way would be the safest to go when an apparition appeared, taking the form of a beautiful woman.  

This card was made for the Creative Card Crew “Girly” challenge that is happening now. Make a girly project and come play along with us for your chance to win a prize from our sponsors!
GXc4BjTWW3c7_0x6r2-BmuEJ6mI2FyOsZxhUX_JvusItBlnfiQLSjSeEpA-XwG_tZutoSEM_lkWlseD7lzp07LVGRhyS39EMyIJQcEWhcb6MTjwaf5U2h9_KKrofWQ   logo-daisyclustercolor.jpg

I started this CAS card by colouring the A Day For Daisies “Bed Head Woman” image using Distress Markers and my waterbrush of damp design. I stamped the flowers using the Unity “Insightful Meadows” set and added the sentiment (which is also a Unity stamp). A delicate pink ribbon and gemstone finished off the front.  

The inside was stamped with some Unity stamps to create the sentiment. I used the same flower from the front as well to make a subtle background.

The envelope was then stamped with the same flower as the front of the card to tie it all together, earning me +100 coordination XP points, which will likely help with my bow and dagger throwing skills as well.

This card shall make its way into the following challenges:
The mysterious apparition made no sound, simply gestured for us to follow her. She lead us to the safety of the Silver Gate, where the water had yet to cover the ground. Silently, she handed me an escape potion and nodded once. I didn’t need her to tell me what to do with that vial! The Lady Commander and I quickly cast escape using the provided potion and ended up back at the safety of the Guild Hall. It was a shame we had to leave those last two treasures. Perhaps one day we shall figure out a way to retrieve them.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wowzers! That Demon is Huge!

Last night, the Guardian of Glitter and I set about exploring a museum that was said to house several occult exhibits. There were strange rumblings from the town’s folk of portals being opened from within the museum leading to otherworldly dimensions. Normally we don’t pay mind to gossip of the smallfolk, but we had received a raven from the Tower of Magi informing us that an ancient demon was said to be awakening and would appear through one of these portals in the museum. 
We crept through the dusty halls, holding our lightstones high to stave off the inky darkness, when we suddenly heard a crash from behind us. The Guardian of Glitter and I rushed in the direction of the sound and were quite surprised to see a colourful turtle with a bird upon its back. Why, it was the same bird that had hatched at the Guild Hall not too long ago! 

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines April challenge which is happening now. Our theme this month is “Think Spring”. Come play along using a JSL image for your chance to win!

I started by colouring the Just Some Lines “Turt ‘n Peep - Peep” image using Distress Markers and my Hydra Brush of watery wonders. Next I stamped the Unity “Stick With Me” itty bitty, coloured it with Distress Markers and cut it out to place over Turt and Peep. I cut out some flowers using the Art Philosophy cartridge and attached them with a brad. The sentiment on the bottom was stamped using the CAS-Ual Friday “Exclamations” set, earning me +55 bold XP points.

On the inside I stamped the top sentiment using the My Pink Stamper “Birthday Crazy” set and the bottom sentiment using the Crafty Secrets “Party Queen” set. I then used a Unity flower and inking it using Distress Markers, stamped it on the bottom.

I stamped the same flower on the envelope to make it all matchy-match.

These springtime friends will wander into the following challenges:

“Peep!” the bird cried. I lowered my lightstone in relief, but before I could laugh or wonder how the chick had even got to the museum, the turtle and the chick merged into one, growing to a height of fifteen feet! It was the Ancient One the Magi had warned us of! I drew my blade as Nikki cast a spell of protection around us. The battle to save this dimension had begun!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Cheap Spring Mascot

With the Spring Festival drawing nigh, preparations are in full swing at the Guild Hall. The house gnomes have been busy decorating eggs with the help of our little visitor and some colour spells here and there. I was in the crafting chambers trying to finish off some last minute crafty quests when I heard a shriek. I rushed to the kitchens and was surprised to see that one of the eggs Olga was in the middle of decorating had hatched, bearing a chick! 

This simple Easter card was made by cutting out the image using the Simply Charmed cartridge. I inked around the edges of the chick, earning myself +90 shady XP points.

This card will crack open in the following challenges:

“Cheep?” the chick peeped, looking around in confusion. I found an old crate, lined it with linens then carefully placed the bird inside. The yellow ball of fluff wandered around, checking out its new digs, before snuggling against the cozy sheet. I suppose we’ve found the Guild Hall mascot for the Spring Festival.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Rainy Jaunt

Salutations fellow adventurers. Things have been rather hectic at the Guild Hall lately, leaving little time for recreation. Today I had to head to the village for more crafty supplies which we needed to complete some outstanding quests. To shield myself from the rain, I donned my rain gear and wielded my umbrella, increasing my dry stats. I was almost to the market square when the rain suddenly stopped and the sun began to peek through the grey clouds. 

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines April challenge which is happening now. Our theme this month is “Think Spring”. Come play along using a JSL image for your chance to win!

I started this card by colouring the Just Some Lines “Emo Amber Springtime Set” using Prismacolor pencils. The background I coloured with Distress Ink, earning +30 blending XP points. The sentiment was stamped using a Unity stamp.
This card will be entered into the following challenges:
This was a fortuitous turn in the weather as now I wouldn’t have to carry the supplies back in the rain and risk them being ruined with water. On the downside, I did start to overheat on the way back with my heavy rain gear. I suppose you can’t win ‘em all.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Fae Try To Ruin The Day

Greetings and welcome to the Guild Hall. Today the temperatures soared to record heights and it seems as though Spring may have finally come to stay. As I was cleaning the grounds, which were finally clear of snow, I was visited by a Spring fairy. She appeared suddenly, sitting upon the fence post swinging her legs and twirling her butterfly umbrella. I do not trust the fae, as they usually have something sinister planned, so I kept my eye on her while going about my business. 

This card was made for the Creative Card Crew “Spring” challenge that is happening now. Make a project that says spring and come play along with us for your chance to win a prize from our sponsors!
 7dO3TljX5cmTATmSSrE4z6Uo0LnJFawD74669H8Qt9VHUgenv-EkKSC4_2ttDvOKbHV31SYaB1fQlgTJC-qtT1u2z-BuQhHxik4GOUMJjcltsvf0FcmO__zvxA LSS_Anastasia+with+Poppies.png
I started this card by colouring the Lacy Sunshine “Emily's Monarch Butterfly Umbrella” image using my Prismacolor pencils and carefully cutting her out. The sentiment I stamped using the My Creative Time “Wow! So Many Candles” set. I don’t usually use flowers on my projects, but I received those two as a “bonus gift” in one of my Unity stamp orders and thought with that orangey coloured brad they matched this project, so decided to slap those on there, earning myself +111 floral XP points.

On the inside I used some leftovers of the paper I cut for the front and stamped the sentiment using the Crafty Secrets “Glamour Girls” set.

The envelope was stamped with a butterfly from my vast Unity collection. I quickly added some colour to it using Distress Markers and my waterbrush.

This card will spring into the following challenges:

After about fifteen minutes she called out to me, “You seem thirsty. Perhaps you would like a refreshing beverage after all that hard work.”
“No thank you, fairy,” I replied, knowing better than to accept food or drink from a member of the fae.
She stared at me hard, her green eyes boring into mine. With a scowl, she disappeared, perhaps upset she didn’t find a victim for her trickery today.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~