Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sweetie Pie

Today the Guild Hall was awash with the glorious smells of baking pies. The house gnomes were busy cooking up apples, cherries and other foods that they’ve been harvesting and turning them into delicious desserts. With so many sweets being created, we were lucky enough to have a sugar bear appear in the kitchen! These winged creatures tend to come round when there are treats being made and assist with the sugary process.

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines September Challenge that is happening now! The theme this month is Autumn/Fall or Back to School. Come play along with a JSL image for a chance to win a digi! Yipee!

I started by colouring the Sugar Bear image using my good ‘ol Prismacolor pencils. I then used my new Tim Holtz embossing diffuser to emboss all around the image earning me +70 diffusion exp points. 
I decided to add some sparkles to the little bear’s wings, cuz who can’t use more bling? The pie I cut out using the Country Life cartridge. I then stamped the sentiment on the rolling pin using the Lawn Fawn “My Silly Valentine” set. 

On the inside I stamped various sentiments using some Unity stamps and a MFP stamp. The smiley pie is from the Lawn Fawn “My Silly Valentine” set.

I used the cute little pie again to decorate the envelope, giving it a decisively more pie-like feel to it.   

This sugar bear will sweeten up the following challenges:

Upon spotting the sugar bear, the Lady Commander of Copics predictably squealed with delight and immediately asked if we could keep him. I tried to explain to her that the sweet fae bear would depart on his own accord when the desserts were complete, but she was already concocting plans to try and convince him to stay. It would be nice to have him around constantly baking for us...although then I’d need new tunics...larger tunics as I would surely not fit into my current ones any longer after ingesting so many sweets. Mmmm...pie...

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Buried Princess

Welcome to the Guild Hall, traveller. Today I was truffle hunting in the Forest of Woe with our pig, Oinkster. My basket was nearly full and I was about to head back to the Guild Hall when Oinkster started losing his mind, tugging me deeper into the woods. When he finally stopped I found myself at the base of the great Washi Willow tree. Oinkster keep smelling around the base of the tree and making excited piggy noises. Shrugging, I set down my basket and using my hands began scooping the dirt away at the base of the tree. Imagine my surprise when I found a small box buried there!

This box was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines September Challenge that is happening now! The theme this month is Autumn/Fall or Back to School. Come play along with a JSL image for a chance to win a digi! YAY!

I actually made this plain orange box almost a year ago. It was right after I got my Martha Stewart score board and I wanted to “test” all the features {lol}. I made this “test box”, with no intention of actually doing anything with it, then just placed it on the top shelf of my closet and forgot about it...until now. I coloured the Just Some Lines image (this one’s the freebie this month!) with Prismacolor pencils, opting not to blend them with Gamsol. I then inked around the edges with Distress Ink and tattered the paper with my blade of +200 shreddiness.

I used the Lawn Fawn “Critters in the Forest” set to stamp all the little mushrooms and leaves for the side panels and coloured them in with Prismacolors as well. 
For a finishing touch I glued on these little mushroom embellishments I’ve had in my stash for an entire trip around the sun. I set them at a jaunty angle, earning myself +55 fun time exp points.

I'm not too sure what to fill this box with...perhaps I'll make some mushroom themed cards and give it away as a cute little gift set.

This little craft will box step into the following challenges:
Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge (used Lawn Fawn Critters in the Forest and Distress Inks)

Too excited to wait until I got back to the Guild Hall, and going against all my instincts about opening strange containers, I cracked open the small orange box. Inside was a large ladybug. Disappointed, I was about to replace the lid when the ladybug spoke!
“Salutations, my lady. You don’t by any chance know any magic?”
I was so surprised I almost dropped the box. “I...I...I do some spells. I am however out of mana potions.”
“I am a fae princess of the Glitter Dust Court. I was turned into a ladybug and buried here by any enemy of the court.”
I explained I had mana potions aplenty back at the Guild Hall, as well as friends with whom I could perform triple tech magic and try and change her back. With that, I packed the box carefully into my sack and set back home with Oinkster in tow.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Harpooning the Card Shark

Tonight the Lady Commander of Copics and I spent the evening in the Inked Cricket, one of the local taverns in the nearby village. After a trying day in the Glue Fields, we were tired, sticky and in need of a break. I ordered two mustard seed ales and brought them over to our table. As I was setting them down, a loud cheer erupted from the back corner of the room. Angela turned in her chair to look at what the commotion was and it was then I spotted the same lady of the evening I had run across last winter.
“What’s going on back there, Samuel?” I asked the barkeep.
“Some travelling gambler. She plays some sort of card game and has yet to lose,” he responded, methodically wiping the bar. 

I was commissioned to make a “thank you card” by one of my coworkers. Her husband’s boss paid for management and their spouses to go to Vegas, and she wanted a card everyone could sign as a thank you. Hence, this was born.

I didn’t really have anything “Vegas” themed so I decided to use actual playing cards and just stamp my image on them, earning me +783 innovative exp points. I chose the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Raychel” image, because she reminds me of Vegas with her cute dress, heels and kissy lips. I was super pumped when I found that paper with the dice on it at the very bottom of my paper container. The letters I cut using the Birthday Bash cartridge, and made them as big as possible. It’s like Raychel is kissing you “thanks”. Mwwwwwa.

I kept the inside simple since numerous people were going to be signing it. The sentiment was stamped using the Lawn Fawn “On the Mend” set and I added the flourish from the Dylusions “Bordering on the Edge” set.

I used the same stamp on the envelope for lack of anything better.

This card will try its luck in the following challenges:

I found it curious that a woman, who just the previous year, was selling other services was suddenly some sort of card playing savant. There was surely some sort of scam or trickery afoot. I subtly cast a detect magic spell and sure enough, there was a bright blue glow around the woman.
“She’s bathed in some sort of spell that is obviously helping her with her card game,” I whispered to the Lady Commander.
Angela discreetly pulled a magic absorption stone from her pocket. “Well let’s put an end to her streak,” she said, a sly smile spreading across her face.
I smiled back and nodded twice, watching as the stone started to glow, absorbing all the magical spells in the room. I can’t stand cheaters.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 16 September 2013

Under Where?

As the weather starts to cool, the leaves falling from the trees, it’s hard not to think about the great Winter Festival that will be here in three moons time. As the rightful present distributing chap was now reinstated, talk around the Guild Hall turned to how this Winter Festival would differentiate from the previous year’s debacle. As I walked into the kitchens where numerous house elves were busy canning the latest harvest, I smiled whilst listening to them exchanging tales about the gift giving man they’d never seen.
“I heard that if you don’t believe in him and fail to leave out milk and cookies, you just get underwear,” Olga whispered to another house elf.
“I heard it was coal,” countered Mildred.
“No no...I know someone who failed to leave the required baked goods. It is definitely underwear,” Olga stated firmly, tightening the jar of peaches she was holding.

This was created for the Creative Card Crew’s “Christmas” challenge that is happening now! Create a Christmas project and you could win a $15 gift voucher to Scrapping Center! Merry early Christmas to you!
I started this card by stamping the Stampotique “Underwhere” and the “Oh..Tree” images and colouring them with my trusty ‘ol Prismacolor pencils. I then added some of the Stampotique ornaments, colouring them and cutting them out to glue to the tree.
After that I decided they looked a little plain so added some Glossy Accents to the heart on top the tree and the ornaments, earning me +392 glossy texturization exp points. The undies from the Unity “Change is a Good Thing” itty bitty, I stamped on patterned paper and cut out, tying some thread through to make a little bow. The sentiment is from the Unity “Naughty is the New Nice” set. The snowflakes are also Unity stamps, but I don’t know the name of the set, as it was a special that came without packaging.

On the inside I stamped more snowflakes, light enough that you can still write a message over top. The sentiments came from the Dylusions “Christmas Words” set and the My Pink Stamper “Christmas Wishes” set. 

Some more snowflakes adorned the front of the envelope to make everything all matchy match.

This Christmas card will hope for more than undies in the following challenges:
CHNC Challenge #142: Cut It Out (underwear was cut out as were the little ornaments)

As conspiracy theories drifted throughout the hall, one thing was certain - this year we wouldn’t have to plan a heist to save any slaves and could enjoy a nice relaxing Winter Festival in the realm...or could we….?

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Shroom Full of Spiders

Today the Crafters Guild armed ourselves well and prepared to head to the guild raid, an annual event where we destroy and plunder, earning much crafty loot and exp in the process. The four of us dismounted our horses upon approaching the raid site and stopped short. Barring the entrance was a child atop a mushroom tuffet.
“Where ‘ya think you're going?” she asked in a cheery sing-song voice which was at odds with her hostile inquiry.
The four of us looked at each other, unsure as to how to proceed. “Errr...greetings, child…” I started before she interrupted me.
“The name’s Muffet.” Suddenly her smiling face changed, morphing into something hideous, burning red eyes glowing under the brim of her green sunhat. “That’s Miss Muffet to you!” she roared, spittle coming from her mouth.  

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines September Challenge that is happening now! The theme this month is Autumn/Fall or Back to School. Come play along with a JSL image for a chance to win a digi! Woot!

I started by colouring the Just Some Lines “Lissie’s Sun Hat” image using my trusty Prismacolors. Setting her in a safe place, I got to work on the background. 
This started out as a white piece of paper. I swiped some Distress Inks on my craft mat, sprayed them with water and wiped my paper through. I then stamped the leaves using the Dylusions “Doodle Parts” set. I was fairly pleased with the end result. The sentiment is from a Kraftin’ Kimmie stamp called “Willow” that I’ve yet to use after purchasing it over a year ago. The small mushroom was stamped from the Lawn Fawn “Critters of the Forest” set. The large mushrooms were cut using the Freshly Picked cartridge.

On the inside I inked the edges and stamped the bottom portion using the Unity “You Make Me Mushy” itty bitty. The top part was stamped with the sentiment from the Unity “Nicest Place to Be” itty bitty.

Things sorta got out of hand on the envelope, stamping it all up using the Dylusions “Doodle Parts” set and earning me +3823 overindulgence exp points.

This shroomy card will mush it up in the following challenges:
Use It Tuesday Challenge #63: Friendship (used an uninked sentiment stamp I’ve had over a year and that “cord” that is nearly three years old!)

The four of us drew our weapons as a spider army hoard emerged from behind the toadstool the demon was seated upon. The Guardian of Glitter and Guild Apprentice Lindsay were paralyzed with a fear spell Muffet cast upon them. It would be up to me and the Lady Commander of Copics.
“Aim for their eyes,” I shouted to my sister over the chaos, loosing an arrow from my great bow, Fungi.
I wasn’t about to let this demon and her spider army stop us from joining the annual crafty raid. Casting a quick barrier spell on the Guardian of Glitter and Guild Apprentice Lindsay so they weren’t hurt, I notched another arrow and unleash a flurry of attacks on our foes. With my arrows equipped with the new poison tipped heads I had just received, it didn’t take long for us to prevail. Now we were set to enjoy the raid!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~