Sunday, 12 May 2013

King of Cups

Today there was a mysterious visitor in the village. We received a raven carrying a message from one of the innkeepers who was concerned this new arrival was practicing black magic. The Lady Commander and I suited up and headed to the village to investigate. Upon arriving we saw a small midnight blue tent covered in glittering stars that was not there before. Throwing caution to the wind, I entered the tent, keeping my hand on the hilt of my sword. Seated at a small table was a creature, its face covered with a veil. “Come in, Guild Massssssster,” the creature hissed. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

As I had no idea what tarot symbols were, I had to do some research before starting this crafty quest. I chose to make the King of Cups, as I had this wonderful frog head already watercoloured with Distress Markers and sitting in my “bits box”, just waiting for a project. He was stamped using the Dylusions “Pondering Petunia” set. I stamped the hand from the Dylusions “Traveling Travis” set and coloured it green to match the frog. The frog’s...umm...”body” I created using a shape from the Dylusions “Doodle Parts” set and was also watercoloured with Distress Markers. This surprisingly earned me +204 necromancy exp points. 
I made the background with a spritz of Dylusions spray ink and then stamped the cup from the Lawn Fawn “My Cup of Tea” set. I liked the background, but knew most of it was going to be covered up, so I had to take a picture of it separately :)

This ATC will be reading fortunes in the following challenges:

The creature, whose face was still obscured, began dealing cards, flipping them over one at a time. “Thisssssss doesn’t bode well for you, Guild Massssster,” it hissed, looking up at me. “King of Cupsssssss......cups sssssspilling over with blood!!” 
I drew my sword, just as the creature flung off its veil, revealing an amphibious head underneath. The Lady Commander of Copics, let loose a paralyzing spells, stopping the creature dead in its tracks.
“What say you, sister? Shall we dispense of this charlatan?” I asked the Lady Commander, glancing over my shoulder.
“I wonder what colour its blood will be,” she replied.
I took that as affirmation and swung my great sword, removing the frog’s head in one strike.

Blue...its blood was blue. Gross.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~


Marlene Atkinson said...

A beautiful creation. Thank you for joining us at Creative CRadft Challenge. Marlene DT

Denice said...

Blue blood?! No wonder tthis frog is giving everyone the stink eye...he's afraid for his life! Another wonderful ATC! Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday this week.

Jenn Borjeson said...

hee hee You rock. This is awesome, thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday. :)

Gerda said...

What a beautiful ATC! Love the background you made!! Thanks for joining us at “Simply Create Too”, hope to see you next time again.

DT-Member SCT

nehal kalaria said...

wow,this is such a cute project.loved ur stamping idea.

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