Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Mine of Magnets

Today as I was farming the mines, I came across a wonderful surprise… Magnets! They are little wonders of our world. I wanted to take one back with me so I could learn its secrets and harness its power. I was lucky to have an extra slot in my bag to carry it. I had done so much mining, it was already quite full. 

Once back at the Guild Hall I went straight to work, creating my own magnetic weapons from the treasures I had gathered at the mines. 

I cut out some super cute creatures using Create-A-Critter (and a lonesome unicorn from Once Upon A Princess) and using hot glue, adhered the magnets to the back of them!
With my creations I gained +20 exp points in cutting and gluing and +3 exp points in inking and embossing. These new magnetic weapons are sure to fend off the celestial black bears that roam the forests near the Guild Hall….and if not…well, we can put them on the icebox in the kitchen.

The candles are almost out... there is no more time for me to continue this log… I must get back to work… my Guildys are counting on me.

~ Angela – Lady Commander of Copics ~


Janis said...

Love the bright colors you used! Thanks for playing with us at Pause Dream Enjoy Challenges. :) Janis

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