Sunday, 22 July 2012


The Sisters of the Crafters Guild would like to welcome you to our corner of the internet and ask you to join us on our adventure to gain experience tokens through crafting and level up our abilities. 

Today we spent the day listening to video game soundtracks while getting inky by stamping out some images and colouring them with Ang's Copic markers. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from all the glue and glitter and just relax with a plethora of vibrant colours. 

Guild Master Crystal gained +15 experience chips by practicing her Copic colouring skillz with the Lady Commander of Copics. We'll save our stamped and coloured images for future projects.

Here's a sneak peek of some of Angela, Lady Commander of Copics colouring spoils.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the dungeon, Guild Master Crystal was slaying some Christmas themed stamps in preparation for the Crafters Guild Christmas Card Craft Crop (try to say that three times fast - haha) next Saturday, where the Sisters will be joined by Nikki, Guardian of Glitter, for some Christmasy dungeon crawling.

Thanks for stopping by our Guild Hall. We'll keep you updated on our next crafting quest!

~ Guild Master Crystal & Angela, Lady Commander of Copics ~


Nikkers5 said...

I'm sad I missed ANOTHER craft day, but happy I've been dubbed "The guardian of Glitter" :D


Crystal said...

It wasn't super thrilling...we just coloured some stamps. No Cricuts were involved. Next weekend out...Cricuts will be humming and glitter will be flying for CHRISTMAS CARDS!!

Ang said...

Yeaa! :) CCC!! Lets get those Holly Jolly tunes pumpin'! :D haha

Crystal said...

Travis said last night, "too bad we don't have a mini tree we could pull out for your Christmas Card making session" - haha.

Nikkers5 said...

:O that would be awesome!!!

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